Never judge a book by it cover meet judge Judge Shannon Frison

Never judge a book by is cover it the right words to use for this brilliant judge ,some people often judge people by the way they dress, walk,hair style and so on . The story of judge Shannon Frison prove that you can dress or behave they way you what and still achieve or do your work without breaking any rules as far it not a crime .

Many young Nigeria has faced criticism about how they dress and the hair they wear,young men dressing like gangster or rough are often seen like they are not useful to the society. In some state they are cought and embarrassed without minding thier status or anything .The story of this judge prove that you can’t truly judge people by the way they dress .yes some people dress like that to commit crimes and other activities, but many of them are good young men with great skills trying to work hard and survive without committing any act of criminality. They mostly dress such way to express themselves

Judge Shannon frisson is the justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court,President.

Frison got her law degree from Harvard University  in 1992 and her J.D from the prestigious  Georgetown University Center in 1995. Frison is a former officer and lawyer in the U.S.Marine Corps

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