Men 5 things you need to know before you Kneels Down in Public To Propose To Her

Some people try to be unique but at the same time end up been disgraced and shamed.Men shouldnt make the mistake of thinking all ladies are the same when it comes to choice of proposals.Make sure you know the things your partner likes and the things they detest.

It is very important to ask and know your woman’s views on public proposals in the early stages of friendships. Some ladies like it to be done privately,while some just rather want you to see their parents without proposing, while the rest prefer a romantic proposal. So it all depends on the woman.

Here are 5 things you need to know before kneeling down to propose to a woman

1. Before you do a public proposal make sure, she is ready to get married and actually wants to marry you, many girls of now are days, only love you for what you have or what you can offer, when it comes to settling down ‘is a very big no option for them .So you need to know and be sure that your girl friend is good to go or will accept you.

2. Make sure you guys have discussed about  marriage and the possibilities of getting married before you go ahead, You need to bring such discussion because it will enable you judge her, by her actions or reactions . If a lady don’t really love you or she not ready to settle down, her actions or reations will show ,so take note of the red flag

3. You do not have to do a public proposal, make sure you understand your woman, don’t follow the crowd, some want something private, some want something public, others want a public proposal with strictly friends and family

This one is a very important point. Some girls don’t like public proposal ,they prefer it to be either secret or a low standard type of proposal,so try to study your girl and know the category she belong to, you dn’t expect  a very shy girl to be happy when you shock her with a public proposal.

4. Please do not propose at the market or at the mall be creative if you must.

Proposing at the market or mall is very risky and sweet, if you are lucky, your girl will find it romantic and accept the proposal.

But if she is the shy type, she might misbehave or run away from the market or mall due the crowd there, so it a win or loss situation. Be wise. Try to do it in a low key manner incase thing fail to workout, you can easily control it ,than to find yourself in a very big embarrassing situation .

5. Don’t always assume because you guys have been dating for years she wants to spend the rest of her life with you.

Some girls will be dating you for years and their heart is thinking about different thing or man totally , when you carry out serious  investigations you be shocked to discover that your girl might not be ready to settle down,but she just after the things you offer her. So do not think that because you are togather for long you are good to go. Do your home work before you take that move As a man, before you propose to your woman in public, make sure she truly loves you, she is ready for marriage, and enjoys publicity so that you don’t end up embarrassing yourself

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