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[The Hustle] I sell locally made ring jewelleries to help my parent solve problems

When they say hard work pays , I love to see people hustle to cross any challanges  or obstacles  in life .

But when you see a little child that is not up to 15year hustling trying to survive, one will wonder “this kids are suppose to be in school or focused on their studies.

When you come across them just know that most of them face alot of challenges. Some people mostly blame it on poverty, but to me I will rather do all the hustling and let my child rest and reach the right age to work or hustle.

This is Because anything can happen to a child that is not up to 15year, while hawking in the streets to make money..
This story is about a strong young boy who decided to hawk locally made jewelleries (ring) to support his parent in providing  some basic needs in their house , he was not forced to do the business. He engaged in the business since school was closed  due to the pandemic  in Kaduna

We have a chart with him to get some information  on why and how he started  the business

*What  is your name ?

My name is Sani

*What do you sale ?

I sale locally made ring (jewelleries)

*When did you start his business ?

I started the business 4 weeks ago

*Where do you get your jewelleries (rings) from ?

I get it from cantral market kaduna

*How much do you make daily ?

I make 500 ,700 and some time 900  

*What do you do with the money  you get from the business?

I use the money to support my parent solve problems

*What type of problems  are you talking about ?

I add to anything they have ,anytime I go home .

*What us the name of your school

My school  is located inside town kargi road @ungwan maizu kaduna .

Atabo Solomon Daniel known widely by this brand name kcitytv, is a Nigerian Freelance journalist,blogger and a Youtuber. I was born and raised in Kaduna state Nigeria. I publish interesting news stories both in news,sport,Education entertainment and lot more.

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