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I married,built my house,sent my kids to school making local aluminium Pots

This is based on a story life story, not friction our team mate a young man who have achieved a lot making aluminium pot.

Aluminium Pot Making is very lucrative  and popular in Africa and Nigeria .The industry is seriously suffering due to the fact that, Nigeria and other Africa countries don’t focus on their own home producers or menufactural of goods to meet up their  verious needs, they depend foreign menufactural or industry to produce things they consume.

The people and the government  has neglected the business, and left it to the faith of this struggling making or menufactural. If the government can help the menufactural to create an enabling environment for investors to invest in their business, the industry wiil wake again .

We spoke to a man who make pot for a living, he told us and show us , how he produce pot and he also desclosed that people from other Africa countries came to buy from them .

Own team observed that from the beinging of the production to the end process, are done with their hands and other locally sourced materials including melting of waste products.

They melted cans of used drinks to form the aluminium used to make the Pots. Everything this guys were using handmade. African and Nigeria are very talented, all they need is support to move their forward.

This video here show the production processes and the clip were the maker desclosed that he built his house ,married,sent his kids to school and employed about 20 young men making pots. What a great achievement.

Pot making will create job opportunities.We will be able to produce and export the pots to other foreign countries around and it will generate large revenue and foreign exchange for the country. Nigeria need to wake up and look towards our own products,so that we can make or produce to create more jobs and other opportunities.

Atabo Solomon reporting for kcitytv

Atabo Solomon Daniel known widely by this brand name kcitytv, is a Nigerian Freelance journalist,blogger and a Youtuber. I was born and raised in Kaduna state Nigeria. I publish interesting news stories both in news,sport,Education entertainment and lot more.

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