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Breaking News #Southern Kaduna lives matters police arrest protesters

The southern kaduna lives matters protest convened by youths in southern Kaduna is happening in some states across Nigeria ,the protest is  scheduled to take place in Kaduna ,Abuja and Lagos today
the said protest aimed at demanding the government to protect the lives of southern Kaduna people due to the recent killings going on in that part of  Kaduna and they also what  justice from the Nigerian government.

The protesters carry banners and placards that said "Condemn the killing in Southern Kaduna, Enough us enough and lot more .

The protesters wore black outfit to mourn the people killed in various attack's.. According to reports security operatives also cordoned off some location to prevent the protesters from marching. Report reaching us is that some protester where picked up my security operative.

Popular Kaduna OAP took to his micro blogging platform Facebook to disclose the information about the arrest

The reported arrests of some protesters have been condemned by many in the country. They said the arrests were undemocratic and violation of the protester’s human rights.

“The right to peaceful protests, assembly and association is fully guaranteed by the constitution (sec39 and 40). Peaceful protest is not a crime, Atabo Solomon kcitytv reporter said

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