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Beef among Kaduna state Artists,a serious Pandemic ravaging the state entertainment industry

Beefing in Kaduna State entertainment industry, especially the music industry is very worrisome, were by you find artists hating themselves because of one thing or the other.

Beefing among Kaduna State artist is among the one of factors halting the industry from moving forward, beef create confusion among artist. To make the industry move forward,artists need to come together regardless of their affiliations/ record label/team or what so to succeed.

I spoke to an artist based in one of the sub hub of the state ,he disclosed to me that artists based in Kaduna, engage in the act mainly because of their affiliations/team/record label etc, if you don't belong to their team they will never support you, they will not repost your work ,except you belong to their various crews that why independent  artists suffer a lot in the state,if they invite you to join their team and you refuse, you have become an enemy already. That what is going on in the state.

Another artist told me that indiscipline, disloyalty and many other Factors contribute to the beef pandemic eating the industry up. He further added that some upcoming artist don't respect artists that have been moving the the state music industry forward for long, and in any society that young upcoming people don't  respect their elders,that how things will end up.

Other State have upgraded their entertainment industry except Kaduna State because of disunity among artists, for Kaduna state music industry to move forward we need to copy states like Lagos,Port harcourt and the rest.

I have been to does state to access how things are done there, beefing in the industry is inevitable, but for any society or organization to move forward or succeed they must be peace because without peace and love nothing can help the industry to be great. Beef among Kaduna state Artists is a serious Pandemic revenging the state entertainment industry.

To make Kaduna state entertainment industry great we need to come together regardless of our affiliation,team,record label etc. Let bring back the memories those day when Kaduna artist topped Nigeria music scene.

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