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Alheri Magaji the unsang heroin of South Kaduna of People

When someone  talk about a hero or a heroin, many people will think that you are talking about a warrior or a fighter who use physical strength or muscle to fight

Alheri magaji is a philanthropist and an activist from southern part of Kaduna State Nigeria. She has dedicated herself to stand and speak for the voiceless in the State. She is always at the forefront of any situation affecting people and she always speak about the ongoing crisis happening in southern part of  Kaduna.

She has been spotted several times organizing many humanitarian task that some men don't. Apart from advocacy Alheri magaji and her team have been providing relief materials to victims of the Crisis in the state.

I label her an unsang heroin because she has been carrying all this advocacy and  humanitarian services without fear or favour. The must amazing issue is that she is not known by everybody in the  state. She is just woman who dedicate herself to serve humanity.

Alheri magaji is the co-founder of Resilient Aid and Dialogue initiative, (RADI).The agency is an NGO that provide care and relief materials to the internally displaced people of Southern Kaduna


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