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I decided to engage her while my account balance was Zero (0.0000000) --Jeffery Ngbede Adikwu

As the saying goes a journey of a thousand miles Begins with a single bold step. Popular Abuja Radio presenter Jeffery Ngbede Adikwu share's the story of how he married the wife. He disclosed his information via his micro blogging platform Facebook 

He wrote

"Just felt like sharing this, I dated this lady for a long time and she's been the only true friend I have all my life, she's been there from scratch, I decided to make her my life partner,it was a decision I had wanted for a long time but the problem was I was having lots of obstacles and the major one was finance, so on this fateful day I decided to engage her at a friends wedding all this while my account balance was 0.0000000 but still I was hopeful,

so when all the preparation started, most of the people I had hoped on turned back and I was more or less the only one doing all the runnings, I kept changing the date I had wanted because I was waiting for the right time to get finance, the more I wait the more banks kept removing the little I had in my account, so as God will have it I fixed the date and all this while I was still having nothing in my account,

The day I was to travel to Yola for the introduction I had just 15k with the hope that I will get one or two assist, but was disappointed, the day I had to travel to Yola those who .promised me failed me, but I confided in few friends who came to my aid, Franca Michael and Moses Mefful stood by me and made it possible,we went and came back successfully with my brother Otache Ogigo Adikwu and Augustine Otache Adikwu] Otache Adikwu when I fixed the date of the wedding my account red but my oga in the office Austyn Agabi gave me an advice which I worked with

He said " that date will come and go" i wanted to go to Kaduna to prepare for my wedding but my office won't let me leave on time prewedding picture i never do, jotter i no do, wedding card i no do, and all this was to be done in Kaduna , thank God for my sister gladys Otacher who was helping me run around while i was in Abuja

When office finally released me was on sallah day and no movement for Kaduna, na bush i follow, a day to my traditional wedding that was when my traditional cloth and that of my wife was sowed thanks to my ever correct tailor mosdi moses who did not fail me, I took three days to sow all my clothes snap pictures make invitation cards etc,

My very correct friend rahab freed her car for me, it was a miracle a day to my wedding a friend on Facebook who we don't even chat William E Adebo asked for my account number and sent almost half a 100k and Sony Otache did same and few  friends and family helped, "were money comot from still de shock me.

On the day of my wedding I still never get shoe to wear I walked round sabo market looking for shoe and white long sleeve last last I come get, due to the lockdown I was the one driving parking guest to the venue and back bcos na me get pass,There's never a right time to do the right thing, those I hoped on failed but las las Na God sure pass & am now married.