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Truck drivers and citizens course the increase in Covid-19 cases in Kaduna

Kaduna state was one of the first state to impose lockdown order, the state was lockdown for more than two months to curtail the spread of Covid-19 virus.

The state government put all measures required to protect it citizens from contracting the virus , but the numbers of confirmed cases is still increasing, the more the test, the more new numbers are presented to the general public.

The state government has disclosed that, if the state was left open without locking the state up earlier as they did, the numbers of confirmed cases should have been worst. As of today Kaduna State has 258 confirmed cases, 95 active cases ,157  discharged and 8 death. Upon all the measures put in place.

Kaduna state restricted every movement into the state, from Kano and other state of the federal, due to the ban of interstate travel by the Federal government, but all the efforts of the government were rendered useless, because of some bad egg among the truck drivers, who were considered essential workers.

Some truck drivers converted their trucks into human smuggling vehicles , concealing smuggled persons in their goods, thereby transporting people with the virus into the state. This act underline the efforts of the state and it citizens.

It rendered the efforts of the citizens useless because most of the citizens living in Kaduna state sacrifice a lot to ensure the virus did not gain access into the state, they  made the efforts of people who depend on daily jobs or sales of goods daily suffer in vein because they lived throughout the lockdown with any palliative or stimulus package.

Citizens in the other hands encouraged people to come into the state without following the proper measure of isolation, or self isolation for 14days many people in the state are seen  flaunting the physical distancing and use facemask order imposed by the state government.

The lockdown is eased twice in a week to enable citizens stock up food and other essential materials. But citizens of the state use the days to mingle and live freely as if the virus is on holiday. Bus drivers are scared of the officials or task forces more than Covid-19 virus, they over load their buses more than the required Number.

Some ignorant people move freely without any protective materials ,when they see anyone putting on his or her facemask, they look at that person and ask if he is afraid of the virus.

So far according to my investigation physical distancing, wearing of facemask and other measures are not working in the state, youth still gather to play football in their various football pitches. Some people don't believe that the virus exist, if we went to defeat this virus, we most work together because the government can not do it alone.

Comrade Atabo Solomon

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