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In 5 years time, I see myself as a very big star, that will be disturbing the whole Africa with good music -E-Star in an Exclusive Interview

Kaduna based artist ,Emmanuel okikioluwa ifeoluwa also known as  E-STAR  is one of the best upcoming artist that is gaining grounds In Nigeria's music industry,

He started his music career from Kaduna State Nigeria ,but due to his hard work,dedication and consistency, E-star songs has gained massive airplay across the country and the continent large

 He sat down with kcitytv for an exclusive interview and this is what he had to say.

*Introduced yourself to our readers ?

I am Emmanuel okikioluwa ifeoluwa aka E-STAR baba for the girls, I am from ekiti state, i am a music artist born and brought up in Kaduna state Nigeria.

* Since when have you been in the music industry ?

I started singing since 2016.

* How have u been able to combine music and your studies  or (work) ?

Well it has been work ever since when I started and I believe there is time for everything once it time to study I don't joke once it time for music I don't joke at all.

* Who is your role model ?

Olamide baddo

* What would you say sets you apart from everybody else ?

Diligence and hard work set me aside from anybody else.

* What are your challenges presently ?

Music industry has not been very easy, presently now am facing tough time in terms of no sponsor and doing music at the same thing schooling is not easy at all

* Whats measures have you put in place to overcome the challenges you are going through ?

I have been praying and working hard as well, I believe with time everything will be fine.

* Out of your songs ,which one is the your favorite ?

"Blessing" because it is a motivational song that all hustlers will love

*  Is there any project you are working on ?

Yes. Am working on my new video " Blessing " and am  also drafting plans to lunch the video as well

*  Where did you vision yourself in 5 year time ?

In 5 years time, I see myself as a very big star, that will b disturbing the whole Africa at large with good music

*Are are signed to any record label ? If yes ?

No, Am not under a record label

* What song did you think created awareness for you ?

"Maami" created awareness for me. Maami is a track dedicated to all good mothers, all over the world, maami is a track that gives mother hope, that one day their child will be great and take good care of them yes

*  Who have you collaborated with so far ?

I have collaborated with an artist named damzy cruzz from zamfara state in a track tittle "never let u go
And I have also  worked with some Kaduna based artist like young fizzey, x out, icon mino ad lot more.

* Who are you looking forward to collaborate with ?

I wish to collaborate with fireboy ,Kiss Daniel and Kissboy imydee

* What is your relationship status ?

Am Single

* What advise do you have for upcoming artist ?

To all upcoming artist, my advice for you is to be very hard working, loyal to who so ever u are connected to in this music industry, don't look down on anyone and finally with prayers everything is possible, so be prayerful

* What is the possible way out for Kaduna artists ?

Kaduna artist needs to work together with love, unity, Promotion of one another and take away envyness and  hatred among one another

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