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Fake news: Hushpupi was not arrested by FBI or Interpol; He was arrested by Dubai police

A Lot of news have been going round about a Nigeria based in Dubai called , Ramon Igbalode popularly know as hushpupi.

Hushpupi and his gang were arrested by Dubai police but a lot of news and blog platform reported that he was arrested by the FBI or Interpol, but Dubai police released a report that their E-police arrested him ,they recovered a lot of items from him worth billions if Naira.

What surprise me is the rate of fake news that was disseminated by some reliable news platforms without proper investigation. Many blog reported it just to gain traffic without making the story  accurate, fair, balanced, without following the 5 W's and H of journalism

The 5W's and H are the Who,what When, Where,Why.  Who to identify the victim or person involved, the why us the reason of the event or incident, the when the time of the event and the were and how which contains the location and how it happened, so many reports did not consider it, they are just after traffic. Thank God the Dubai police released a video about how they were arrested.

Some people even reported that he was taken to USA and he even used black magic to escape. Fake news is not good what I noticed is that fake news pays a lots in bogging. I hardly post any news or information without confirming or verifying the news because I know media law, I know a lot about defamation and label.

Dissemination of fake news can send you to jail so, let change that mind set of doing  things wrongly just to gain traffic.

In journalism we protect our brands with all we have , if your platform is known for fake news ,people  will not take your platform serious.

So according to reports Dubai police arrested him and revealed that hushpupi and his crew have defrauded over a million people from different part of the world . They also revealed that 13 luxury cars estimated to be 35 million dirham were recovered from their house .

The police further said that the operation leading to their arrest was tagged Fox hunt 2, the footage of how they conducted the operation was shared to the general public. The raid was carried out while they were sleeping in their house in Dubai after months of investigation and monitoring the gang social media accounts.

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