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During My campaign, I trek from street to streets to share flying and posters--Hon Isaiah ugbede salifu

Hon Isaiah ugbede salifu, is a
is a Nigerian politician and the governorship aspirant on the  actions alliance in the 2019 election in Kogi state. He hails from ujodo and ikanekpo, of emekutu district of ankpa LGA in kogi state

Hon Isaiah ugbede salifu sat down with kcitytv for an exclusive interview and this is what he had to say.

* Introduce yourself to our readers ?

My name is Isaiah ugbede salifu, a governorship aspirant on actions alliance in the 2019 election in kogi state. Am from ujodo and ikanekpo, of emekutu district of ankpa LGA in Kogi state

* You have been very active politically, how and when did you start ?

I started politics in kogi state in 2003  and has been fully involved but, was not given recognition so, I decided to  joined a party called Actions Alliances (A A) in the last election to contested for office of the governor, of Kogi state

* What was the name of your first political party ? 

The name of my first political party is
The Action Congress of Nigeria A.C.N which is now All Progressives Congress A.P.C  but i later left to Actions Alliances A.A because of  lack of recognition

* Who is your role model ?

My role model is late, but has contributed so much in Kogi state politics and the development of kogi state. He name is Prince Abubakar Audu.

* What would you say set you apart from other politician ?

I'm different from all other politicians because, my phone number and house is free to every individuals from my state.

During my campaign, I trek from street to streets to share flying and posters. I used bikes for campaign, which other politicians can not do. I'm the youngest aspirant in the last governorship election, in kogi state.

*What are the challenges of Kogi state politics presently ?

Our present political challenges in kogi state are
_ lack of understanding of the needs of the public

_Kogi state citizens believe in buying votes, rather than the choice of the people

_We also believe in thuggery, which leds to snatching of ballot boxes and forcing individuals to vote against the candidate of their choice.

* What measures have you put in place to overcome the challenges you are going through ? 

I have started visiting past leaders on how to hold meetings, with the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, at least twice in a year, and i have also started seeing some politicians in Kogi state to unite and hold meeting, at least once in a year because, it is only when we come together, that we can over come the political challenges in the state and the nation at large.

* What's your favorite moment as a politics

My favorite moment in politics, will be achieved when i see the people of my state, happily carrying out their civil rights during election and been voted in, as governor in the next election, in 2023.

*  Are you families backing your political career?

Yes my family, community, district, LGA and state are backing me up because, they believe that a honest man like me can take my state, kogi state to a better next level

*  What motivated you to run for the office of the governor of Kogi state ? 

I'm motivated to run for the post of the governor of kogi state, to free my people from the suffering of none payment of salaries to civil servant for months and  none infrastructural development in my state. I want to bring back smile to my state.

*  Where did you vision yourself in 5 year time ?

I see my self as a governor of kogi state by the grace of God

*  Apart from politics what are you into ?

By the grace of God, I Am in to buying and selling of food items, from one state to another, am also working with a leading bank in Nigeria.

* How have u been able to combine politics and work ?

Yes, work and politics combined together are very stressful, but God is helping me. Though I don't do it all alone. I have people assisting in all the states.

* Are you planning to run for any political post soon ?

Yes, hopefully planning to contest, in the next  governorship election in kogi state come 2023

*  Do you hope to quit politics anytime soon ?

No, I don't have any plan to quit politics because it is in my interest to recontest the post of the governor of Kogi state in the forth coming election in state by God's grace

* As a politician, if you became the governor of Kogi state, how are you going to solve the problem of insecurities and poverty ravaging the state ?

I will create job opportunity for the youth. I think that it is the best solution to the problem of insecurity and poverty in this state.

 * What advice do you have for young upcoming politicians ?

To have  value for human lives  other than  winning at all cost.

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  1. Inspiring, such sacrifice for the good of kogi state. We need more selfless politicians. God bless kogi state
    God bless Hon. Isaiah