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What set me apart from every other artist is Originality and finesse-Aleqs Chizar in an exclusive interview

Achile Alex Ako also known as Aleqs Chizar Is a bilingual rap artiste ( English and Igala indigenous rap), song writer and a record producer from Idah, Kogi State Nigeria.

His music style , combined with his great lyrical delivery, has made him one of the must famous and sought after music star in Kogi state and Nigeria. Most of his songs has recorded massive airplay across the country.

Today Aleqs Chizar sat down with kcitytv for an exclusive interview and this is what he had to say.

*       Introduce yourself to our readers ?

My name is Achile Alex Akoh, popularly known as Aleqs Chizar. I’m a bilingual rap artiste ( English and Igala indigenous rap), song writer and a record producer from Idah, Kogi State.

* Since when have you been in the music industry?

I started my musical career in 2006 as a record producer but began professionally as an artiste in 2013. After perfecting my craft overtime, my debut music album Adagba Otemeje (Magnificent Elephant) was released in early 2018.

* How have you been able to combine music and your studies or work?

Well, it wasn’t a smooth ride for me as a student; reason it took me long to release my debut album in 2018. After I graduated, music has been my passion and my work.

*     Who is your Role Model?
 Tupac Amaru Shakur

*     What would you say sets you apart from everybody else?

Originality and finesse

* What are your present challenges?

Like  every other indie artiste, finance has been the major challenge. The entertainment industry is also a business industry. An artiste requires money for music and video productions and promotion etc. Without money, the aforementioned can rarely be achieved. Other challenges like lack of sponsorship and poor promotion are all based on the financial aspect.

* What measures have you put in place to overcome the challenges you are going through ?

There are other side hustles I do to finance my music career. Sometimes, I do get financial support from friends and family.

* Out of your songs, which one is your favorite?

Well, I can’t say I have a particular one I love so much as all songs have their various themes. I think they are all my favourite. Lol

* Is there any project you are working on at the moment?

Yes! Presently working on my sophomore album which promises to be better in content and quality than the first.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

As one of the A-list Artiste in the Nigerian music industry with worldwide recognition.

* How did your record label discover you?

I’m not signed to any label. I’m an independent artiste running my indie label.

* What song do you think created awareness for you?

Actually, I started with English hardcore rap but couldn’t capture a reasonable audience as such genre is not really patronised in the country. I had to go indigenous. The third indigenous song I ever did which is G’OMI ABAJOI (Look At Me Now) did the magic for me.

* Who have you collaborated with so far?

I have collaborated with a lot of emerging artistes but for now, my ace collaboration was with YQ on the remix of his songs, Styles of Making Love.

* Who are you looking forward to collaborate with?

Any Top Nigerian and International star.

What is your relationship status ?

  Let’s keep that confidential.

*  What advise do you have for upcoming artiste?

Be focused, determined, pray and stay off hard drugs!

What is the possible way out for IGALA artistes?
It’s undeniable that we have a lot of Igala artistes doing good music but for a wider recognition, the major challenges I highlighted earlier need to be addressed. These can be addressed through availability of willing sponsors and good promotional platforms.

Instagram/Twitter: @al_chizar

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