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You are Biased El-rufai reply Aisha Ummi Garba chairperson Kaduna state Emergency Nutrition Action Plan

Kaduna state Governor  El-rufai went on Surveillance Mission to enforce  the restriction of interstate travel which is spreading the sickness across state.  The governor was seen carrying out duties that amazed the citizens of Kaduna state .

He was spotted climbing a truck in order to search for any intruder trying to hid inside the vachle made for good .To appreciate his efforts chairperson Kaduna state Emergency Nutrition action plan Aisha Ummi Garba took to her micro blogging platform twitter, to  praised the governor for his good work.

She said that she will commend  the governor without any sense of bias,  that governor El-rufai is a commendable leader, she also disclosed that, she is saying this not because she knew him. Governor El-rufai jokingly replied her saying that she is biased

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I say this without any sense of personal bias: Governor @elrufai is a commendable leader! And it isn’t because I know him

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