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why is the lockdown been eased, when death and infection rates have spiked ---Yemi Alade

Nigeria lockdown the Lagos.Abuja and Ogun for over 5 week , the lockdown did not stop the cases of the virus to go down, rather Nigerians have seen the number of cases increase.

The President announced that the lock down will be ease from today 4 May  2020 in those three state and locked down Kano state for two week.
This decision has raised mixed reactions from many Nigerians due to the increase rate of infections.

A famous Nigeria musician Yemi Alade has said that, the 5weeks lock down did not prevent cases from increasing in the country. She also added that their are no preventive measures put in place

She shared his via her twitter handing saying

"During the 5weeks long lockdown ,the number of covid 19 cases in Nigeria increased rapidly. Tell me why the lockdown has been eased down when death and infection rates have spiked and no preventive measures have been put in place? Can Rice and bread protect?

Nigeria has  2,558 Confirmed 400 Recovered and 87 Deaths before the  lock down is been ease by the government

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