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Why buying of road side facemask hawked is not advisable ( if you must purchase wash before use )

According to medical guidelines given by Task force on covid-19 in Nigeria, they declared that the use of facemask is mandatory for everyone going out to public place. They health officials made it known that the use facemask can help to  reduce the transmission rate.

Many tailors and garment makers ventured into the production of locally made facemask made with locally sourced materials, Many designs of facemask has flooded every were  across the country.

Many people are seen hawking facemask from one point to anther, l will be listing some dangers of buying facemask from the road side or unknown hawkers of the product
 Note: Not all facemask hawker involve this disadvantages some carry legit facemask and keep all measures to make the mask good.

Am going to focus and highlight the dangers involved in buying facemask from untrusted hawkers.

• Some hawkers/Sellers might be selling recycled facemask.

According to reports some facemask mask vendors or hawkers sale used face to the public, people have been caught washing facemask to resell this  post many dangers to the buyer or the users. Yes there are mask made to be washed and reuse but it is always better to get a new mask from a trusted seller or tailors yours self.

• Buy might test there product before buying

We all know that many Nigeria test product before buying, some people might test The facemask to see if it fit them ,some people facemask might end up in various faces before you purchase it, and some people use it immediately without wash or sanitizing it.

• Hawking it openly without proper cover or protecting it from droplets

Some hawkers hawk facemask openly without covering the mask properly ,there by exposing the mask to various to the mercy of sweat,droplets from the  hawker or passer by . This is a very serious threat to people that purchase such mask, put them on without washing it,.

Some people purchase facemask from such hawkers ,put it on  when they notice the the presence of officials or task force ,enforcing the use of face mask. With such conditions the facemask has gone through.

•  Some of those sellers don't maintain personal hygiene. Some don't wash their hands or use sanitizer

Some of those sellers don't maintain personal hygiene. Some don't wash their hands or use sanitizer regularly, according to the guideline of health officials , Nigeria health officials have been advising the public to use hand sensitizers or soap and water to wash  hands regularly because hands can touch any surface that contains droplets ,some hawker are hawking from one street or town to the order holding their product on their hands  praying to sale without following the right measures of washing or sanitizing their hands.

• Some material used for facemask can't not protect you.
The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control ( NAFDAC ) has disclosed that some materials used to produce locally made facemask are substandard, so how can some one identify standard and substandard if you are purchasing from hawkers who
just hawk to sell their product without  any knowledge or minding the quality of the materials used to produce the product they hawk to the general public.

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