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Things Nigeria States need to put in place before considering easing of the lockdown

Nigeria government and  citizen, would want to ease the lockdown imposed the country, due to the suffering and economy of the country. Many people have different views about things to do, to enhance the reopening of the country at the right time.

Many state government due to fear of losing supporters,selfish interest and political agenda, have started reopening their states without adequate measures put In place.

In spite the guidelines of  the Nigeria center for disease Control and some religious leaders, some state government relaxed and reopened their states for religious gathering
Forgetting risks posted by this virus.
Due to my observation am going to highlight five (5 ) Key strategies Nigeria states need put in place before completely easing the lockdown of their state

1 Boost the moral of our heath workers

All health workers welfare and salary should be increased and  taken care of, State most issue health workers life insurance to boost their morals ,so that so that front line health workers can be able to take proper care of individual affected by the pandemic without fear.

2 States need to share free protective material to their citizens.

If state want to be fit for reopening they must provide all the needed protective  materials to citizens of their respective States, because some people can not afford some BASIC materials to protect them self and others. They must to be ready to provide free face marks , sanitizer etc to everyone living in their states.

3 Improve the numbers and capacity of Tests/ testing

Inspect the promise made by the Nigeria center for disease control NCDC that the extensions of more test centers  is required to combat the pandemic, the cases till seems bad ,because the more tests are carried out ,the more news of increase in the numbers of confirmed cases across the country. The behavior of officials handling it, make look like it is political motivated, intend of the battement of the people. The they are trying their best.

Many professionals advise, that each state should establish test centers to enable them perform test for their citizens . Some state in Nigeria have to transport their simple to NCDC testing center for analyses, which will take days to get the result of the simple sent. So state need to have Enough testing centers in each local government area to show that they are ready to tackle this virus.

4 Improved hospital and bed capacity: 

States hospital must be set to standard to show that they are ready to combat this pandemic .most of our medical facilities are not up to standard. It is  very important, that hospitals in various States are equipped with updated  facilities to meet the needs of the people, or patients. 

States must able to fund hospital intensive care units (ICU) bed capacity  to enable them effective and standard for the treatment of patients . 

All  Intensive Care Units in various state must reach setting standard and the facilities in each ICU center should  be updated before it will be given  green light to operate or classified ready for operations to ensure that citizens are  covered after the lockdown is eased.

5 Strengthen contact tracing :

One of the best way to tackle and curtail the spread of this disease is to strength the capacity of contacts tracing to enable official track any contact linking to a confirmed case. They must be a lay down strategies to trace and track contacts to be able to detect the virus before it spread further.

Bounce strategy

States should Monitor security operative enforcing interstate travel ban in their  various borders to ensure they don't sabotage the measures put in place.

States need to deploy trust worthy official to supervise the activities of the security operative ,enforcing the interstate travel ban, due to the recent investigations and updates that some people still travel ,after paying some certain amount, there by aiding the spread of the virus, this movement sabotage the efforts of the States government in preventing interstate movement  to curtail the spread of the virus. 

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