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The people that eased the lockdown are inside ---Simi

The decision to ease lockdown has brought lots of mixed reactions ,many celebrities are not happy with the decision.

Many celebrities have posted statements that counter the decision made by the government, because adequate measures have not been put in place to control how people operate during the gradual easing process.

The easing of the lockdown will make people gather in public places around Lagos and Abuja due to the population of residents in does areas.

Nigeria musician Simi has join celebrities to criticize the ease of the lockdown. She said that the people who eased the lockdown are inside, adding that nobody loves you as you love yourself. She also advised people to avoid crowded areas because people are not invincible.

She shared 

"The people that eased the lockdown are nobody can love you like you love yourself. If you don't have to be out, stay at home. Also, if you can avoid cash transactions, do so. Stay away from crowded areas. You're not invincible.

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