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The pandemic has affected not only the working class in the country, but also students are not left out of the situation. As economic hardship, just like "law" knows no limit and boundaries.

Schools are shutdown all over the country due to lockdown order  imposed in the country, thereby banning all public gathering so as to stop the spread of the virus.

This measures put in places by the government will add more years to students expected year of graduation, if the lockdown continues. The government are working round the clock to introduce online classes to fill the gab.
With the current economic crisis due to the pandemic, there has rapid increase in the numbers of students who engage
In petty-trading .

There is a saying that "all fingers are not equal, some people are born with silver spoon; while others are not. Many students find it difficult to cope with the situations, because most of their parents relay on daily paid jobs
to sustain them. Many parents are  advocating for financial aid or palliative from the government due to the lockdown.

This is all tied to the current economic situation caused by the pandemic.
Students are left with no option ,than to start up something that will earn them little additional income to support their parents,which will sustain them throughout the lockdown order.

Most students feel the pains of the current pandemic that is spreading fast throughout the country..

According to  a student Favor Nuhu  " I sell cupcakes which I do myself in my house ,so as to earn money that will aid me and my parents in buying all  needed material. My parent find it challenging to meet up with all our needs ".She added that " I have to sand up myself and assist my parent.

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