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Challenges most artist face especially upcoming is support, nobody to back you up---Younglight

Nigerian artiste isaac oluwafemi jimoh, also known as  Younglight, is one of the most respected artistes in Kaduna state Nigeria .

The talented songwriter has released  some of Kaduna  greatest songs that received massive airplay across the country.

This kaduna based artist has performed at shows in Kogi state and other states in the country.He sat down with kcitytv for an interview and this is what he had to say.

Introduced yourself to our readers ?

Am isaac oluwafemi jimoh by name and my stage name is younglight

Since when have you been in the music industry ?

 Well I started way back in 2010, although then never made a track but am also in the studio because it very close to my house. The owner of the studio allows and encourage me to always rehearsal and develop my talent.

How have u been able to combine music and your studies ?

The truth is, it not easy because you need to go to lectures, study and also create time for singing rehearsal but the answer to it is striking a balance by create different time for study and rehearsal

Who is your role model ?

My role model was lil Wayne I so much love his style of music whatsoever he does I got attracted to it

What are your challenges presently ?

Challenges most artist face especially upcoming is support, nobody to back you up

Whats measures have you put in place to overcome the challenges you are going through ?

 The measures I put in place, is developing my fan base which have gotten but it not yet enough ?

Out of your songs ,which one is the your. ?

Out of my song my favorite OLUWA BLESS ME

Is there any project you are working on ?

 Wow this question hit me because this is meant to be a surprise package to my fans but still I will just expose it. Yes o am working on an EP presently

Where did you vision yourself in 5 year time..Are are signed to any record label ? 

Smile, u know everyone aim big so my vision in the next five years is to be known and heard all over the world. I was once under a record label but presently NO. Am an unsigned artist

What song did you think created awareness for you ?

 All my song did create awareness for me right from my first track.  STREET created more

Who have you collaborated with so far ?

Djcinch, grammyboy, feezy yo, Solex

Who are you looking forward to collaborate with,...
What is your relationship status ?

Reminisce, olamide, and many more Relationship status is Dating

What advise do you have for upcoming artist ?

My advise to all upcoming is that they should keep pushing because nobody will do that better as them, they should keep doing what they know best until they achieve what they want

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