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Leave this Album alone am not joking iLLBLISS OGA BOSS Warn's Blogger

Famous Nigeria musician iLLBLISS OGA BOSS is set to drop a new album soon, he made a statement warning bloggers via his twitter handle to keep off his new album that he is about to release.

The way  bloggers download song and upload it to their blogs for free without royalty returns is wrong . He also disclosed that bloggers are rubbing their hands and waiting to carcase and destroy his forthcoming album by putting out for free.

He further said that the wrath of God should strike any body blogger that engage in such activity. He also said that any body that try it will embrace courses and plague. He concluded by saying that he is not joking about it

He wrote

"Now to the bloggers that are rubbing their hands and waiting to carcass and destroy my forthcoming album by putting it out for not let The Wrath of God Strike you and destroy You. Try it and embrace curses and plagues..I’m Not Joking! Leave this Album alone
The issue of copy right in Nigerians music industry have made many artist loss huge sum of money due to bloggers putting out their songs Free without permission or paying any royalty

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