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Lagos to admit only severe cases of Coronavirus at the treatment and isolation centres

Lagos state Commissioner for Health, Prof.Akin  Abayomi has declared that they will presently be focusing on individuals with extreme cases and isolating them, while patients with mild cases will be manage at home.

Prof Akin Abayomi  said the choice got vital as they've surpassed the control stage and now at the active community.He included that they will strengthen home treatment for Coronavirus patients with mild symptoms, as isolation centers are running out of bed spaces following increased cases of Coronavirus in the state.

Lagos state Commissioner for Health Prof. Akin Abayomi, said

“We have exceeded the containment phase now. We are at the active community transmission stage. “We will be concentrating on people with severe cases and isolating them while mild cases will be managed at home. Our attention is shifting to community-based isolation.”

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