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Kaduna resident report youth corpers gathering To the governor

The governor of Kaduna state encouraged citizens of the to expose and report potential spreaders of the disease. He also added that they should not be allowed to spread sickness and make nonsense of the sacrifices, the people of Kaduna are making in complying with the quarantine orders.

His message is yielding results as a resident of Kaduna name Hauwa Sadisu.@Haauwa_ took to her micro blogging platform twitter to report a cases of planned gathering of the members of Nigeria youth service corp in the state . She also indicate the location of the planned meet

She wrote

"Good day sir
.Hope this meets you well. Just want to inform you that there’s going to be a gathering of Corp members on Wednesday 14th of May by 9am at the secretariat on Kinshasa road. Do hope you’ll look into it and stop the gathering . Thank you

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