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I might become a very big self made artist in next 5years--KISS BOY IN AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Kelvin Emmanuel Daniel also know as Kiss boy is a Song Writer & a professional performing artiste.

He is a well-known artist in Kaduna state Nigeria. His hard work has made him to be one of the must sought after artist in Kaduna music scene.

Kiss boy sat down with kcitytv for an exclusive interview and this is what he had to say.

* Introduced yourself to our readers ? 

Am Kelvin Emmanuel Daniel aka kissboy but u can call me the WORLD CHAMPION
And I do Afro pop kind of music

* Since when have you been in the music industry ?

 Well starred singing since 2008

* How have u been able to combine music and your (work) ?

It's not easy o but the thing is dat I have a side hustle
Just to be able to support my music ,so I give my music 100% of my attention, while my side hustle 50%

* Who is your role model ?

 kissboy first😉 den davido

* What are your challenges presently ?

No strong back bone to support, enough money to push, and my family is not dat buoyant to support

* Whats measures have you put in place to overcome the challenges you are going through.
Trying my possible best to push in my own little way,
Stay loyal to those that can help me archive my goals in life

*How has the pandemic ravaging the world affected your music?

The Pandemic has affect we artiste so much, especially the events aspect,this  period, if u drop a song,without talking abt covid 19, people no go wan download but God has been our strength

* Out of your songs ,which one is the your favorite ?

Produced by napji dmw

* Is there any project you are working on ?

Yeah my new track WORLD CHAMPION audio + video

* Where did you vision yourself in 5 year time, Are are signed to any record label ?

Possibly I might become a very big self made, and possibly will be in DMW, because dats my dream label. Am not In any record label But I have my own team up with Kissnation

What song did you think created awareness for you ?
That should be FOREVER GRACE

* Who have you collaborated or worked with  with so far ?

I have not,featured any one so far But u I have been feat by ahmm napji of DMW the newly signed producer/artiste napji of dmw, dj moore, jaycee, don bee, poko iz bae, lampee, femex, shawn wonder, cypa, kefas young, boman, snow prince, dj freebee, dj basic, kharis, eazi flow, and alot i cant mention

* Who are you looking forward to collaborate with?
What is your relationship status ?

By the grace of God my first collaboration will be with Davido, Am Single

* What advise do you have for upcoming artists

My advice to d upcoming ones is stay focus , be unique , be versatile,be humble, be hardworking and prayerfull

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