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Social media include various  mediums  or process used to disseminate information to a very large number of audience who are on various social media networks  such as WhatsApp,Instagram, twitter,Facebook etc

The disadvantages of social media are greater than the advantages. Students imitate way of life portrayed on social media,which is gradually killing our culture. Most students wants to behave like celebrities on social media.

Social media apart from its educative, informative and entertaining advantages is full of fake life's. many lifestyle portrayed on social media are fake.
Other advantages of social media include,,impersonation ,fake news fraud, e.t.c are practised by different some users, on social media networks. These are some disadvantages let me give you some advantages of social media to students.

The advantages of social Media is to get information, it educates and at the same time entertains. Students browse to get certain information from the social media. Social media has lots of other advantages such ,students using social media for researches,collaboration with classmates for assignments or project and so on .

But it became disadvantage when students  with smart phones, now communicate with friends over social media on things that are not helpful to their academics. Some students bad activities on social media include exposure to pornographic videos and the rest

Some students will attend class with expensive smart phone and don't have 50 naira pen or Notebook for note taking ,instead of studying, they prefer to be on social media chatting all day without sitting up a to do list, failing to know that there is time for everything.

 When they fail,they blame their teacher or lectures for failing them, when class is ongoing,instead of paying attention they will be busy wasting their time on social media.

My recommendation goes to guardians to consistently check what their kids are doing via web-based networking media to guarantee they follow the correct part

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