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BREAKING NEWS -A 98-year-old female, the oldest COVID-19 patient in Lagos,discharged

Lagos state is the epicenter of the pandemic. The state has the highest numbers of confirmed cases Nigeria since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Lagos state is leading the fight against the pandemic, the state has recorded high rate of recovery due to the tactics lay down by the state. It seems that Lagos  have the solution to the problem.

Lagos state has just discharged a 98- years old female, the oldest Covid-19_patient in the state, she was discharged from one of their isolation facility in the state.

Bashir Ahmad took to his twitter handle to disclosed this information

He share

WONDERFUL: A 98-year-old female, the oldest COVID-19 patient in Lagos, has been discharged from one of the isolation centre. Lagos has discharged 26 patients today. A total number of 1070 patients have so far, been discharged from different isolation centers across the country.

According to NCDC report Nigeria have recorded a total of 4,971 confirmed cases, 3,737 active cases,1070 discharged and 164 deaths.

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