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The sesame soup (OBo igogo) is a very tasty and delicious soup which is prepared and eaten by the Igala and Igbira speaking people in middle belt or north Central Region of Nigeria.

It is also consumed by the ogoja people of the south south region of Cross Rivers state. The Sesame seed is grown massively in the same regions.

The soup is prepared with a small quantity of vegetables like pumpkin leaves or Spinach it based on one's choice of vegetables, which contain their own nutritional quality or values.
Grinded melon seed can also be mixed or added to it, but it is optional.

The main sesame soup does not require
The grinded melon and vegetables to
to make it complete. But with the addition of vegetables and grinded melon, the soup will be attractive and tempting.
The soup is very easy to prepare and it does not take much time to be ready.
It can be ready in less than 35 minutes.
I am going to talk about how to cook the sesame soup ( OBo igogo) in Igalaland where I come from .

To cook the igogo soup you need a variety of ingredients which include

*   Grinded sesame seed ( Igogo )
*  Palm oil
*  Sliced pumpkin leaves or spinach leaves.
*  Grinded melon seed ( egusi )
* Beef,fish,crayfish,kpomo etc it depend on what you have
* Pepper and onions
* Stock Cube
* Salt
* Grinded locust beans (it optional )


1._ Wash ,slice the vegetable you like either the pumpkin leaves or spinach Leaves.
Grind the sesame seed, egusi seed and crayfish together. It should be grinded
without water .

2._ Wash your meat or fish properly

3._  Grand the pepper and onions together
4._ Add sliced onion,cubes and salt and boil your beef for 20_minutes,add your dried fish and grinded locust beans if available for 5 minutes remember it optional, when it done put it down.

5. Put the pot back on fire pure your your palm oil and leave it to boil,then add your onion,pepper and cook for another 3 minutes.

6 When it cooked add meat or fish, cover it to cook for 5 to 6 minutes,then mix your grinded egusi and sesame seed with water and cut it in pieces into the boiled meat stock then cover it again for another 5 minutes to simmer

7., Open the pot and add cube ,salt to taste, then add your pumpkin or spinach leave for 30 seconds.

8. Stir and taste to know if you are okay with the taste. If you are satisfied with the taste means the soup is ready.
It can be served with starch, tuwo,
Semolin pounded yam etc

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