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The difference between a journalist and a blogger

The difference between a journalist and a blogger.

I grew up in a country were any news that is published online or offline is seen as a publication by our normal traditional media.

The world is trying to battle fake news and other forms of fabricated stories that are not factual.

Some bloggers published contents to gain traffic to their sites without minding what they publish.

I decided to write this article to specify the difference between a blogger and a journalist .
One of my friend read a news story online ( which turned out to be a fake news ) ,so he was blaming every journalist in the country ,he was saying that journalism in the country is dead.

So I explained the difference to him and made him understand. So I decided to share the same thing i told him in my blog so it can help some people identify the differences between the two.

I will try to make it balanced
fair And objective because i am a journalist and a blogger,this post is based on my findings and opinion.Note some bloggers are rilly good and They operate like a journalist.

*A journalist is trained in any approved  institute or collage to(University /polytechnic) etc and you have to obtain at list diploma to be registered into the Union of journalism in Nigeria to become a journalist.

While a blogger can be any body that have the knowledge to blog and publish information without any form of former education or certificate.
NOTE: must journalist don't have a blog

* A journalist knows media law and ethics. The know what deformation and  libel means, a journalist is always  careful about he or she to publish,
because a journalist can be jailed for publishing false information against any individual or organization.

*Journalist are trained to protect their
trademark : A Journalist always publish news, not to  generate traffic alone but
but focus on  news that ( inform, educate or entertain) readers or viewers with the real story ,so that he or she will be known for publishing  credible news .But bloggers always choose traffic that credible news story.

*A journalist always makes sure he or her news story are accurate, balanced,
fair,objective, and unbiased before
they publish any news.
But some bloggers don't always tend to follow this steps ,that why we have lot of fake news spreading around us .

*A journalist is always affiliated with a brand, but some bloggers are free they
are on their own,so they post what every they what and how they like it .

* A news published by a journalist go through lots of editing and gate keeping
Process before publication, some bloggers edit too,but it can not be compared with a journalistic report or
news story.

I made my friend understand all these differences, that was when he realized
That most news stories published online by blogger are not published by journalist.

Atabo Solomon Daniel

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