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Nigeria States That are Free of Covid-19 in Nigeria

The first case of covid-19 virus was
reported on 27 February 2020, the virus has spread rapidly to other states in Nigeria, as of today 86 New Cases of Corona virus have  been reported  in Nigeria, the total numbers of infected cases has rise to 627, 170 have been discharged and 21 deaths.

This is the list of state that has not been affected by covod-19 in Nigeria

1 Nasarawa

Nasarawa State is bounded in the north by Kaduna State, in the west by the Federal Capital Territory, in the south by Kogi and Benue States and in the east by Taraba and Plateau.

The state has not recorded any case of covid 19, the state is close in proximity to the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria that have record 88 case of covid-19 

 In order to prepare to contain the spread of covid-19 virus the government have put lots of effort to including locking down the state and  the addition of the 8 new isolation centres in 
1- Mararaba Gurku
2-  Karu Local Government 
3- General hospital, 
4- Obi Local Government,
5-  General hospital,
6-  Keana Local Government, 
7 General hospital Nasarawa Local Government and
8- General hospital, Akwanga Local Government.

2 Kogi state

Kogi state is located in the Middle-Belt region. The state links the federal capital territory with the Southern States. The State is close to the federal capital territory that has recorded cases
Of Covid-19,Lokoja serves as gateway for travelers to 22 States.

Kogi state in preparedness to battle the virus,has launched an app and carried out several sensitization programmes to create awareness about the deadly virus.

Plateau State is located in North central regoin of the country. The state shares boundary with Bauchi state to the north east,Kaduna state to the north west,Nasarawa state to the south west and Taraba state to the south east. 
Plateau State has not recorded any case of covid 19 virus ,but Kaduna and bauchi sharing same borders with the state has recorded cases of Covid-19.

 As parts of effort to prevent the virus from geting into Plateau States,the State has been placed lockdown and has banned interstate transportation.
The government also  announced the establishment of a testing center for Covid-19 as the National Veterinary Research institute,Vom,plateau state . 

4- Taraba
Taraba state is located in North Eastern Nigeria. Taraba State is bounded in the west by Nasarawa State and Benue State,Plateau State in northern west, Bauchi ,Gombe,and Adamawa State in northeast.
In order to prevent the Covid 19 virus from getting into the State. Taraba was lockdown by the government of the State And the lockdown has been relaxed with effect from Thursday, April 9, 2020.
However,the state ban large gatherings  until further notice. The state healthcare development has also flagged off a statewide sensitisation campaign against the spread of Covid-19 
5- Adamawa
Adamawa is a state is located in northern eastern Nigeria. The state share borders with Borno state in northwest , Gombe to the west and Taraba to the southwest

Adamawa state has not recorded any case but the state has been lockeddown  As parts of measures to prevent  the virus from gaining access the state.

The state quarantine returnees from Lagos and other parts of the country, the state has also sets up isolation centres in a bid to prevent the virus from getting into the state

6- Zamfara State 

Zamfara state is located in northwest Nigeria. The state shares borders with Niger republic to the north,Kaduna to the south ,Kastina to the east,Sokoto and Niger States to the west.

Zamfara has not recorded any case  Covid-19 as of the date of this report. 
 Zamfara state has put many measures in place in order to prevent the virus from getting into the state.

Zamfara has shuts down their  International market and covert general hospital, Kasuwar-daji in Kaura-Namoda Local Government Area as Coronavirus (COVID-19) Isolation centre.

The Government of the state has also inaugurated six sub-committees to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the less privileged as a result of the restriction of movement in the state. 

7- Abia state
Abia state is located in the south eastern part of Nigeria. The state shares borders with Anambra,Engugu and Ebonyi to the north and northest, Imo to the east, Cross river state and Akwa ibom,Rivers state to the south.

Most of the states surrounding Abia state have recorded covid19 virus.But  Abia state has not recorded any single case of Covid-19 virus, the government has put many measure in place to prevent the virus from finding its way into the state 

The state was lockeddown on March 31,220 and all forms of events including burials,weddings and other social gatherings was put off. Task force was set-up to enforce all the directives
And the governor announced that it illegal to move in public without face mask.

8-  Bayelsa

Bayelsa state is  located in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The state shares borders with Delta and Rivers state.
 Both state has recorded covid 19 cases both Bayelsa state has Not recorded any case of the virus.

The governor imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew in Bayelsa and make sure   immigration and customs promptly identify foreigners entering the state.
The state also established an isolation centre at the Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital, Okolobiri.

9- Gombe state 

Gombe state is located in the north eastern part of Nigeria.The state shares borders with Borno ,Yobe ,Taraba, Adamawa and Bauchi.

Gombe state has not recorded any covid 19 virus,but the state governor is not leaving any stone unturned, he as declared the closure of  borders, public gathering, travel for both public and private, and  clubbing in the state till further notice. He task the security personnel to supervise the adherence,the government also set-up two treatments and isolation centres to fight the pandemic

10. Kebbi State

Kebbi state is located in north- Western part of Nigeria .The state share borders with Sokoto,Niger,Zamfara,Niger and Benin Republic.
There are cases of Covid-19 in Kebbi state as of the date of this report
NCDC have designated Isolation Center for Kebbi and the state government has turned the Nysc camp in the state to a isolation centre

11- Sokoto state 
Sokoto state is located in the north western region of Nigeria. Sokoto State shares its borders with Niger Republic to the North, Zamfara State to the East, Kebbi State to the South-East and Benin Republic to the West.

Sokoto has not recorded any case of the virus, but the government has provided three isolation centres and NCDC has designated a nation testing and treatment centre in the state .

12. IMO

Imo state is located in south eastern region of Nigeria. The state shares it borders with Abia state on the east ,River Nigeria and Delta to the west ,
Anambra to the north and Rivers state to the south.
Imo has not reported any case of covid- 19 virus .Imo state has inaugurated six 
Isolation centers,28 Ambulances,and operational test and treatment center
In preparedness for any outbreak.

13 Yobe state 

Yobe state is located in northeastern part of Nigeria. It shares borders with Bauchi, Brono, Gombe and jigawa state 

Yobe state has no case of covid-19 virus the state has  enforced state at home order,engaged security agencies to enforce boundary closure and embarks on fumigation exercise across the state

14 Ebonyi
Ebonyi state is located in the Southeastern region of Nigeria. The State shares borders with Benu State to the north,Enugu state to the west,imo and Abia state to the south and Cross River state to the east

Ebonyi state have not reported any cases case of covid-19. The State has imposed a dusk to dawn curfew and have lace ban on all public gatherings including  burials, wedding ,seminars etc.

The governor also ordered shoot on sight of escapees from isolation centres.

15- Cross Rivers
 Cross Rivers is a state located in the South South region of Nigeria. It shares borders with Benue to the north,Ebonyi and Abia to the West, Cameroon to the east and Akwa- ibom to the south

Cross Rivers has not recorded any case the state government has put lot of measure in place to prevent the virus from getting into the state. 

The governor declared a partial lockdown in the state ,suspending interstate travels but allow movement within the state. The government also implement No mask,no movement in the state in order to stop the spread of the virus

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