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Popular clergy man in Igala land, Angel Tony relocate to the mountain to pray against Covid-19

The spread of COVID-19,virus has left us with no other option than to turn to God protection and healing.

Prophet Angel Tony one of the most popular clergyman in Igala land ,Kogi State Nigeria has relocated to the mountain top to pray against Covid19 

His pictures were shared by Igala teacher,on their Facebook page

The man of God has joined his colleague Prophet TB Joshua who was reported earlier to have embarked on the same mission to pray and fast against the Covid-19 virus

The prophet was spotted wearing a white garment dress,holding two candles praying on the mountain

It is a very commendable move made by this clergyman and other men of God. As we take all measures to protect ourselves and others from the spread of Covid-19 virus, let us also remember to turn to God for protection and healing

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