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Please Stop Treating Your Own Brothers & Sisters Like Animals"*.Baba Frayo tells Government

The extension of the 14days lockdown in Lagos ,Abuja and Ogun state to stop the spread of Covid19 without provisions of basic amenities have made lots of  Citizens living in those State,to speak against the move made government due to increase rate hoodlums terrorising Lagos state and hunger

The Ajegunle Super Star Baba Frayo have posted in his Social Facebook page telling the federal government of Nigeria that they should stop treating citizens like animal 


Please with all due respect and humility, I cry out
most especially for the *"weak & voiceless"* Citizens of Nigeria.
Please stop treating your own brothers & sisters like *"animals"*.

Hate speech or no hate speech law my foot. Do you expect us to die in silence & unnecessary oppression?

If we must emulate the same measures of *"STAY HOME, STAY SAFE"* just like the other countries of the world, please let's emulate it in total completion.

* Before the United States declared a national lockdown, they gave all their citizens $1000 (One thousand dollars) each, & made sure everyone had
food at home to eat.*

* Canada distributed money & enough food items to all her citizens & also cancelled all rents & bills payment till further notice.*

* President Putin of Russia since lockdown had made sure that every citizen is supplied with food from house to house, plus other financial benefits too.*

* Spain, Italy, France & all other European nations too have all followed the same measures.*

* Most of all the affected nations here in Africa, have all done the same before declaring a
"lockdown", making sure their citizens are truly indoors, safe from the spread of the virus & also safe from hunger.*

As a matter of fact, *Tanzania's President was part of the movement from house to house, sharing food
& relief materials for the citizens*.

He was also seen some days ago inside the forest,fasting & praying for his dear country.

*Nigeria*, being a senior brother as far as Africa is concerned, *what have you done for your citizens apart from announcing number of cases on a daily
basis & creating fear in the minds of your people?* You're telling us to stay at home for fourteen *(14)*good days without providing us with common
stipends, food or relief materials? *What a pity. Do you expect us to eat SAND & STONES?*

*Even ordinary nose covers & hand sanitizers as
cheap as those ones are, we didn't see..*
*Please hear this dea

 Baba frayo igweh is popularly known for  his hit song  'dem go dey pose' 

He is one of the legendary Ajegunle
 musician  that  that trended year ago  

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