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Nigeria, is a in West Africa, Country Nigeria became a formally independent federation in 1960. Radio was brought into the country by the British colonial masters in Lagos in 1933 but the origin of television in Nigeria began in the western region of the country 

Television in Nigeria stated on 11th oct
1959. The Western region sent out the first Television signal in the whole of Nigeria and Africa .

The main reason for the establishment of the western Nigeria Television ( WNTV) was to serve as teacher in providing regional school system which was suffering from unqualified teachers or stortage of them.

After the western regional television the eastern regional government also established their own television station
On the 1st of October 1960 the day Nigeria gained political independence
From Britain.

The aim of the eastern Nigeria television (ENTV) was also for formal and non formal education, however few months after the establishment of the television station, the station abandoned education television and became fully Commercialized.

The Northern regional government got it own station and came on air in April
1962, the station was Known as Radio Television Kaduna (RTK)
Television station were established in Nigeria mainly to provide adequate services in education, social and economic development. But immediately after their establishment they became commercial and depended on foreign programs

In may 1977 the regional television station were combined to became the Nigeria television Authority and it was empowered to take the responsibility of undertaken television broadcasting in Nigeria .

Individual were not allowed to operate television stations until 1992 ,when the government under the leadership of general Ibrahim babaginda commercialized the broadcast industries these move created jobs and
Paved way for several television and radio stations owned by private individuals.

The first private television to go on air in Nigeria is a Kaduna based television station named DITV, established by a late broadcaster ,Khalifa Baba Ahmed
On 2nd June 1994 and was closely followed by AIT which began full broadcast operations on 1st September 1994.

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