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Mallam El-Rufai Approves Release Of 72 Convict

Kaduna state government have approved the  release some Convicts in their Correction center Due to the covid 19 virus that has affected the country.

The federal government gave all state government directive to decongest their correction center in each state of federation in other to stop the spread of the virus .Kaduna state government has approved the release of 72 Convicts
The statement released by Kaduna government:

"Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has approved the release of 72 convicts from the Kaduna and Kafanchan Correctional Centres, as part
of government’s efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Aisha Dikko, who announced the release of the
inmates on Tuesday, said 69 of the convicts were released in Kaduna while three were freed in Kafanchan.

According to a breakdown from the Commissioner of Justice, 42 inmates who were freed from the Kaduna Correctional Centre were convicts who were given an option of fine not exceeding N50,000.The Attorney General further said that four inmates
were serving three years and above, with less than six months of their sentence to serve.

The commissioner also said that one 
of the inmates has spent 75% of his sentence after remission and the 22 others were convicted for minor offences: “From the Kafanchan Custodial Centre, two inmates were freed with three months left on their sentence while one inmate was released based on old age,’’ she explained.

This news service as blessing to those inmate that are in correction center for minor offence,old inmate in the center and those one that have been awaiting trial for many years .

Kaduna state has so far recorded 6 cases of the covid-19 Virus. The  government of the state is applying all measure to stop the spread of the virus

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