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Kaduna based Artist Gabriel 'Rymboxx' Akhuetie Tenders An Apology To Southern Kaduna people Over his post

'Gabriel Rymboxx' Akhuetie Tenders An Apology To Southern Kaduna people Over his post 

He tendered an apology to Southern Kaduna people, over his post, he published on his Facebook account, that got almost everyone angry yesterday.

It appears apparently that Rymbooxx was trying express his feeling about attacks that has been happening in the southern part of Kaduna.

Rymbooxx presenting himself as an advocate didn't go down well, with lot of people attacking him with different comments.

As a result that, the talented singer, took to his Facebook account to tender an apology, as well as give reasons why he thought that was the right thing to do.

He wrote 

Ladies and gentlemen, i touched on some sensitive issues and i will not allow today end without tendering a proper apology to whoever felt slighted,i am sorry. I promise to do better.

I have tried to explain what i mean and my view point to the best of my ability. The only reason why i am not deleting the post is simply because i want it to always be there to remind me of how things can easily be translated to mean absolutely
something else when not clearly expressed.

I wish to lend my voice to this course and i believe it can be done without upsetting anybody or group. I also believe it can be done without being anti-government and within the laid down rules and laws.

At the end of it all, i strongly wish to see covid-19 gone as well as other plagues that are killing people.

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