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"I’m Muslim with Christian blood and Jewish heart Mohammad Tawhidi imam of peace

Mohammad Tawhidi, a Muslim influencer and reformist Imam has taken to his twitter page  to say that he is a Muslim with Christian blood while wishing Christians happy celebration in his Twitter handle

"I’m Muslim with Christian blood and Jewish heart. It pumps Hinduism to my Buddhist mind and generates a Sikh vision. My feelings are Yazidi,
veins are Jain. I breathe Zoroastrian, and think Bahai. In my sleep I’m non-religious, my dreams are spiritual and when I awake, I’m human.

Tawhidi also known as Imam of Peace is popularly Known for  calling out the President Of Nigeria, Buhari

in his last tweet about Nigeria government  saying  that Buhari is the dumbest person in Nigeria.

Furthermore, he said Buhari is a dictator. He also tweeted that Nigeria's president dont know the name of the virus that have killed people all over the world

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