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I have never seen a group of people who are useless to their plights Kaduna based Artiste Gabriel 'Rymboxx' Akhuetie Blasts Southern Kaduna people

Kaduna based Gabriel 'Rymboxx' Akhuetie blast Southern Kaduna state people for focusing on issues that are less important to them.

He said that the killings of southern Kaduna people is still going on on daily basics ,but some focus giving update about coronavirus and news about Kim

He also added that many them are putting energy into talking about and analysing the death in Kano while ignoring the one happening under their nose.

In post this via his social media handle saying

"In my entire life, i have never seen a group of people who are useless to the plight of their people like some of the few i have seen from southern Kaduna.

I mean, what is wrong with you people?
They are killing your people on a daily basis and you guys will come online to be giving us corona updates and news about Kim Jong-un. Many of you are even putting so much energy into talking about and analysing the deaths in Kano while ignoring the ones happening right under your nose.

How many times have the people of Kano worry about your own problems?
Abi the Kim Jong-un you people arew orrying about is aware of your existence?

Are you people not tired of being stupid? For howlong?

How long will you continue to play dumb politics with your land? Why are you people not collectively talking about these killings and how they should be stopped?

The few of you that are speaking up are treated as rebels by the lot of you and i wonder why? This shouldn't be about politics- it is the lives of your people being taken and you being ok with it.

I may not fully understand why you people are divided and filled with so much disunity, contempt and hatred for yourselves but until you come
together with one voice and tell your story for the world to pay attention, these killings by faceless criminals and unidentified bandits will not stop.
You all need to ask questions- demand answers-demand better because you deserve better. Sadly, see the story your people are telling.

The post has spiked lots of reaction from southern  Kaduna people

He later reposted saying

I read some things Alheri Magaji posted yesterday and i felt the pain and frustration in it. I also felt if more people would go all out and talk about it, it would bring the attention of the world to it and things will ne better.

In my pain and frustration, i made a post that some understood while others didn't take well, because my choice of words were misunderstood, so i edited to make it clearer.
 I in no way intended to generalize and demean the people and i apologise if it is seen that way. I have corrected it and i have also been contacted by a lot
of people that have made it clear to me that these issues are beyond what meets the eye.

At the end of the day, i just hope we all will do a self-evaluation and fix ourselves to become better and better. Every life is important and should be
treated as such.

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