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I fear our people o ,Jason Njoku CEO IrokoTv ---Oloye Akin Alabi founder of NairaBET React

The CEO irokotv Jason Njoku took to his twitter handle to express how he someone sent him a private message telling him how he stole his ideal.

He also said that the Young Man reached out to him telling him he had the ideal before him and he think he stole his destiny, and the man went ahead asking him how he did it .

He said he fear people because he was surprised by the action of the guy man. To me no idea is new ,someone have already thought of it before ,the world is big enough for every one.

If he is serious about his ideas ,he can get it refined and generate more flavors to the existing idea and implement it

Jason Njoku tweeted saying

"I fear our people o. I truly fear them. Just remembered when a young man on Twitter reached out to me angry saying that he had the idea for before me and he feels that I somehow stole his idea & destiny. Seriously. Dude was super angry. Wanted to know how I did it

Oloye Akin Alabi a Nigerian Lawmaker Representing Egbeda/Ona-Ara Federal Constituency founder of NairaBET replied his tweet saying

" And that’s someone you never met. Imagine if you had met him before. Twitter will join him to lynch you. That is why I never listen to anyone that wants to share his or her idea with me.


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