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Here's why Wode Maya is a genius : How he grow his channel

YouTube has become a platform were people show case their talents. If i have  told you that Wode Maya is a genius 5year back you guy will laugh at me.

He started filming himself and the way  he lived in China. Wode maya studied in China,but he is currently a full time a Youtuber and a vlogger.

Today Wode Maya, who hails from Ghana is one of the biggest youtuber in Africa, he has lots of interesting story's about Africa in his channel, infect every video he publish always get thousands of views and comment before 10 minutes of upload.
So the question is that, how did he do it?
How did Wode Maya became the smartest Youtuber in Africa?

Why did I pick Wode Maya ,I think his video speaks for themselves. Wode maya currently has over  three hundred subscribers and his channel is still growing .

I spent some weeks making research and watching his videos one after the order. So I have factors that I think made his channel stand out from other

*He launched a project named African to the world ,this made his channel blow up, because there is an empty space that is required to connect Africans together.

He developed the idea of uniting Africans, so lots of Africans pick interest because Africans have been looking for someone that can stand
and serve as the voice for Africans.

So Wode maya used the opportunity and created perfect videos for that aspects.

* His Campaign of uniting Africans was accepted buy all because the idea was aimed at projecting Africans in a good way and to change how people see Africans, so his video always show the
Positive Side of Africans, that other media don't show,he always explore. and show case the beauty. So this method drags lots of viewers to his channel.

*Wode Maya has traveled to many countries in Africa but like a prophet trying to preach and share the good news about Africans to the world.

Wode Maya faced lots of difficulties in some countries he traveled to. In one of his video he said that one of the must difficult task in Africa, is traveling as an African man " Africans treat foreigners better then Africans.

In the course of his journey was arrested ,deported and even had issues with some immigration officers trying to extort money from him and his crew in some countries.

All these challenges did not stop him from Spreading the good news, to me Mada Maya is a legend .

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