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History of some modern newspaper in Nigeria

Newspapers started in the 19th century when the European missioner from Presbyterian Church Rev. Henry Townsend established the first printing press in 1854. Five years later, the first newspaper came out, called “Iwe Irohin Fun Awon Ara Egba Ati Yoruba

Iwe Irohin was the first newspaper to be established in Nigeria, it paved way for newspaper outlets like :
The second newspaper “The Anglo-African” established in Lagos in 1863 by Robert Campbell.

The third Naija newspaper called “The Lagos Times and Gold Coast Colony Advertiser.” that was established in in 1880 And  the “West African Pilot” that was established in 1937.

Here is the list of Nigerian newspapers today
  • Vanguard
  • The Guardian
  • The Sun
  • Thia Day
  • The Punch
  • P.M. News
  • Daily Post
  • Daily Trust
  • Mirror
  • Nigeria Daily Times
  • Tribune
  • The Nation
  • Complete Sports
  • P.M. News

Newspaper growth in Nigeria continues to we are going to uncover brief history of 5 mordern newspapers in Nigeria

1* The Post Express
2* The Guardian
3* The Concord
4* The Sun Newspaper
5* Daily trust/ Media trust 

1.   The Post Express
The post Express is a private owned  newspaper is was established by Chief Sony Odogwu, a top businessman. The motto of the paper is " justice in Service of community ".It also exempted itself from political, cultural, ideological or ethnic group affiliations and promised balanced and fair reports, as well as reasoned and informed comments. The newspaper has retained an independent position and remained accurate and fair in its news report and comments. The newspaper tries hard to safeguard the interest of the southeast. The post Express is known for its in depth stories on foreign events.

2*  The Guardian
 The Guardian newspaper is one of the excellent newspapers in Nigeria. It was established on the 27th of February 1983 by Alex ibru from Delta state. The motto of the paper is " Conscience, Nurtured by Truth". The newspaper is a private newspaper outlet, the Guardian have always maintain the news for justice, decency in public life ,equal access to the nation's resources and equal protection under the law of Nigeria for all .

The aims of the newspaper is presenting balanced coverage of events and promoting the best interest of Nigerians. It commented to the best character and standards of republican democracy and to the principle of individual freedom. The newspaper believes that all citizens have duties as well as right.

3* The concord Newspaper
Concord newspaper is a privatly owned newspaper located in Ikeja Lagos state Nigeria it was published by Moshood Abiola. The concord was published along with its weekly edition,Sunday Concord on 1st March 1980.

A few years later,he added three vernacular news papers to its stable in  Nigeria's three languages. The newspaper were Isokan ( Yoruba ), Udoka (Igbo),and Amana (Housa).
The Concord group later added four more publication to it stable, the publication were Business Concord, weekend Concord ,African Science Monitor and African Concord. The National concord ,set up subsidiaries in many parts of the country known as "Community Concord".

4* The Sun Newspaper
The newspaper began publication in 2003 and has become more powerful then some of its other counterparts. It is published I'm Lagos by Chief Orji Uzor Kalu ,the former Governor of  Abia state.Its style of pages design makes it exceptional among others in the country. The newspaper use a distinctive style of disseminating news .

5* Daily Trust
Daily Trust is a privately owned newspaper publishing company based  in Abuja Nigeria. The newspaper publishes in English language Daily Trust,weekly Trust,Sunday Trust and the housa language Aminiya newspapers

The weekly Trust was established in March 1998 and the Daily Trust was lunched in January 2001 .The newspaper are the most famous newspaper circulating the Northern region .The chairman of the board and chief executive officer is Kabiru Abdullahi Yusuf.

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