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16 Almajiris deported from Kano to Kaduna test positive for COVID-19 VIRUS

16 Almajiris deported from Kano to Kaduna test positive for COVID-19 VIRUS

Kano state government has been returning almajiris, from their state to different states, in the north and other regions of the country. The deportation of almajiris at these moment post a great risk to other state of the federation.

Kaduna state just reported 17 new case of COVID19 virus on 29th April,out of the 17 news cases reported from  Kaduna, 16 are all Almajiris deported from Kano.

According to our source 16 out of the 17 new cases in Kaduna are the
returned Almajiris from Kano. The good news is that, they were all isolated upon return. 

Kaduna state government has been working round the clock to safe guide the life of the people living in the state. Kaduna state government are now  facing  cases of imported COVID19 virus to the State.

Kaduna was the first state in the country to institute a lockdown which lasted 30 days, it has started another 30 days lockdown to ensure community spread of the virus are curtailed,and to ensure the disease was not transported into the state.

Most of the residents of the State are advocating for stimulus parcages to enable them to sit at home. The State governor is ready to battle the virus without leaving any stone unturned, the governor of Kaduna state made a strong statement saying that 

"We will do everything we can to prevent the spread of this virus and we will apologise after ~Mallam Nasir Elrufai

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